Established originally as a luxury organic candle brand, NEOM has since extended their range to include a wide selection of home fragrance and body care, plus now an amazing collection of unique spa treatments which at Mulberry's we are delighted to offer to our clients. The NEOM ethos is about caring for your body and your mind while using 100% natural therapeutic fragrances that nurture the body, support the mind and boost well-being. NEOM promises 100% natural fragrances, made in Britain and ethically sourced in sustainable origins, with only natural & organic ingredients. They use no petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax, no artificial perfume (only pure essential oils) and no harsh preservatives.


Focusing on three key areas of wellbeing; happiness, destressing and sleep, these 55, and 85-minute treatments feature a combination of massage techniques and trigger points. Each of the treatments have been created to provide you with deeply therapeutic and wellbeing benefits leaving you feeling utterly incredible.

NEOM Body Treatments



Full Body 

55 mins         £80

Full Body 

85 mins     £99

NEOM Scent to Sleep


As you enter the room you’ll find yourself greeted with the deep scent of NEOM’s Tranquillity fragrance, which combines English lavender, basil and jasmine, all blended to help you get a good night’s sleep. The treatment starts with a relaxing foot sequence and breathing techniques to get you to a state of calm.

NEOM’s Intensive Skin Treatment Candle is drizzled all over the skin, and a specialist massage combining shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage and trigger point work. You’ll be lost in a blissful state and perfectly ready for a restful night’s sleep.

NEOM Happiness


Surrounded by a lifting blend of seven first pressed oils including white neroli, lemon and mimosa, your treatment will begin with an opening ceremony of deep breathing and guided meditation, designed to begin lifting your mood.

Your skin will be awakened with a combination of techniques such as shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage and trigger point touch is applied to your back, face, shoulders and scalp. As the massage works its magic your stress levels will decrease and endorphins will be released, leaving you happy, relaxed, and the very best version of you.

NEOM De-Stress

Brazilian rose wood, blue jacaranda, blu

A soothing blend of 24 pressed essential oils (featuring jasmine, Brazilian rosewood, and lavender) greets you as you enter the treatment room and immediately begins working to alleviate any stress. As you lay back and relax, you’ll be treated to an open ceremony which combines a reflex foot sequence and relaxing breathing techniques.

Your skin will be drizzled with NEOM’s innovative Skin Treatment Candle oil for destressing, after which you’ll enjoy a special massage focusing on key stress relieving points of the head, neck, face and back. Allow yourself to drift away into an oasis of calm and emerge from the treatment room a new you.