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Pre-natal Massage


Lovingly designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, the custom Mulberry’s pregnancy massage has been created to provide a gentle, relaxing treatment that can be enjoyed safely throughout the second and third trimester of pregnancy.  With a complete understanding of the female body during this precious time, gentle massage techniques leave new mums and/or mum-to-be feeling blissfully relaxed with toned skin and a feeling of wellbeing for you and your baby or bump. 


This luxurious treatment , designed to soothe the soul and revive the body, uses only pregnancy-safe infused oils and creams.  Massaged over areas of tension, the treatment will ease aching muscles, improve the circulation, relieve tiredness and fatigue, improve mood and enhance a comfortable, restorative night’s sleep.

Pre Natal Massage

55 mins         £80

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The treatment will begin with a peaceful pregnancy massage on the back area, while you snuggle into a pregnancy pillow for support, cocooned on a gently heated couch. We will then reposition you onto a comforting and calm position on our electronic couches to continue the massage. Easing tension from the shoulder and décolletage area, flowing down the body to the hand and arms, followed by a soothing drainage massage of the legs,  the treatment is completed with a gentle foot massage to truly feel uplifted and lighter on your feet.

Pre Natal Massage + Mini Facial

85 mins         £92


Adding that extra touch for the ultimate indulgence, this treatment includes the blissful pre natal massage with the addition of a mini facial to leave you not only feeling fabulous inside but glowing externally too. 

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